Program of the Evening

Muse Machine presents


Friday, August 4, 2017 • Suzy Bassani Theater Off Third • Dayton Metro Library

We christen the Suzy Bassani Theater Off Third, dedicated to our Founder and guiding star, with a song and dance sampling from Muse students, alumni and artists.

CANON IN D (Pachelbel; arr. Rawlins)
Mitchell Rawlins: keyboard

DECEMBER 1963 (Gaudio/Parker; arr. Rawlins)
The Quintessentials: Quincy Baltes, Brody Hyre, Mitchell Rawlins, Kyle Wuebker

TRANSITION (based on Face The Face, Townshend; arr. Flowers w/ Rawlins)
Clare Kneblik and Ana Smith: dancers

DANCING IN THE STREET (Gaye, Stevenson, Hunter; arr. Flowers w/ Rawlins)
The Muse Machine performers featuring Amber Butler and Ana Smith: vocals

THE PINK PANTHER THEME (Mancini; arr. McCutcheon)
A SONG FOR SUZY (Rawlins; arr. McCutcheon)
Jim McCutcheon: guitar

Laura Portune: vocal

PASTURES OF PLENTY (Guthrie; arr. Solas)
Sandy Bashaw: guitar and vocal; Michael Bashaw: flute and harmonica; Beth Wright, Grace Wright and Violet Wright: dancers

CAN’T STOP MOVING (Sonny J; arr. Flowers w/ Rawlins, Thomas)
The Muse Machine performers featuring Mark Antony Howard and Kennedy Cook: vocals

The Muse Machine performers: Quincy Baltes, Josie Baudendistel, Hannah Bradshaw, Amber Butler, Tommy Cole, Cameron Combs, Kennedy Cook, Jack Degenhart, Lauren Eifert, Donovan Ewing, Mark Antony Howard, Kaite Hubler, Brody Hyre, Aliya Johnson, Claire Kneblik, Charlotte Kunesh, Sara LiBrandi, Keshawn Mellon, Ben Morrison, Lindsey Morrison, Marisha Osowski, Chloe Rawlins, Mitchell Rawlins, David Shockey, Zoe Singleton, Ana Smith, Ve’Suan Smith, Noah Stamper, Taylor Thornburg, Darian Watson, Maggie Weckesser, Mackenzie Wolcott, Kyle Wuebker

The musicians: Sean Michael Flowers: keyboard • Dave Woehrle: bass • Jarred Chase: drums • Michael Bashaw: harmonica • Mitchell Rawlins: second keyboard

Douglas Merk: Producer • Sean Michael Flowers: Music Director • Lula Elzy: Choreographer • Joe Deer: CoDirector • Ben Morrison: Assistant to the Producer • Shannon Sellars: Stage Manager

With thanks to Doug and Sharon Scholz, the Muse Machine staff and volunteers, the Dayton Metro Library staff, John Gummel, Elizabeth Wiley, Claude Lucien Thomas and those who contributed their efforts and resources to make this performance and celebration happen.