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Brighton Beach Memoirs


Human Race Theatre Company
Thurs, Apr 12, 8pm • Wed, Apr 18, 7pm • The Loft Theatre
Early estimated running time 2:30 • Drop date 03/20

He has holes in his shoes and liver on the dinner table, but all teenager Eugene Jerome can think of is girls, baseball and writing—in that order. There’s hardly a moment’s peace in a house filled with his domineering mother, overworked father, and worldly older brother, not to mention his widowed aunt and her two maturing daughters. Simon’s semi-autobiographical comedy about growing up in a crowded, lower middle-class home in 1937 Brooklyn is a touching coming-of-age classic that proves no matter how crazy life gets, family can make it crazier.

A scene from Brighton Beach Memoirs featuring the 2009 Broadway cast

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