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  3. My School Is Not On The List

    If your high school or middle school does not currently participate in Muse Machine (i.e., does not appear in the lists above), click the link below for additional information:

    Non-Participating Schools
  4. Home Schooled Students

  5. Elementary Schools

    Muse Machine works a little differently in elementary and preschools, so students there don’t need to become members. At many elementary and preschools across the Miami Valley, Muse Machine artist-educators will spend a week or more in classroom to create fun projects that relate to what students are learning. And elementary and preschool students are welcome to audition for our student productions when young people are needed in the cast.

Muse Machine has given me a place to connect with other students who have the same passion as I do and who know exactly how I feel about the arts. When I'm at Muse I feel as if I'm home—and there's no greater feeling than that.

Christine Fiala Muse Alum