The Suzy Bassani ATTS Endowment

Remember that special teacher who positively impacted your life?

We all had those special teachers who were so engaging and unique in approach that we’ll never forget them. They helped us discover the magic of reading, amazed us with the power of math or science, taught us another language or opened up our world to music.

This video, gets to the heart of Muse teachers…

Muse Machine has considered teachers as the single most important factor in delivering Muse’s nationally successful model since its inception in 1982. We strive to cultivate more of those extraordinary teachers by celebrating and challenging them. We put them face-to-face with remarkable, global thinkers, artists and educators. Professional development opportunities happen throughout the year: at our Summer Institute for Educators and during the Advanced Teacher Training Seminar (ATTS)—several thought-provoking days in New York City.

“To be afforded the opportunities we are given to bring so much art, culture and connectivity back to our students; to be able to help our students understand the intricate relationships between the arts, their lives, society, history and their learning has been one of the greatest joys of my professional life. Finding others who not only share my love for students and the arts but also encourage each other to continue to grow and explore and be adventurous in our classrooms has been an unexpected opportunity and blessing. Muse alum Alex Finke stated that ‘Muse was the team sport for artists,’ and I am so blessed to be a part of this team. Thank you Suzy. Thank you Muse Machine.”
—Kristy Hurst, Teacher

...A curriculum rich in arts integrated activities has been linked to across the board achievement and retention increases. These achievements have been shown to benefit the student even after they leave a classroom utilizing arts integration.

Association of American Educators

Educator Excellence

The Suzy Bassani Advanced Teacher Training Seminar Endowment generates operating revenue for Muse Machine’s Advanced Teacher Training Seminar in New York City. During this six-day immersive arts experience, teachers attend a diverse array of world-renowned theatre, dance, music, opera and visual art. They also attend workshops and seminars with remarkable producers, directors, artists, designers, costumers and arts administrators from that city’s leading arts organizations. The seminar allows time to interact and collaborate with peers in an exciting and invigorating arts environment that leads to unique and progressive teaching ideas.

Please help us keep this dynamic program thrive for years to come. Consider making your gift in honor or in memory of your special teacher or loved one. Make your gift to the endowment campaign now!

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Donations to the endowment have already created the following scholarships for educators:

P.J. Berry Memorial Scholarship
Lorna Dawes Scholarship
Sara Exley Scholarship
Patti Giering Scholarship
Dr & Mrs. Robert Goldenberg Scholarship
Jane Gosiger Haley Scholarship
Mike Houser Scholarship
Mary Karr Scholarship
Bill & Jackie Lockwood Scholarship
Bob & Therese Miller Scholarship

Muse Machine ATTS Teacher Alumni Scholarship
Muse Machine Board of Trustees Scholarship
Helen C. Potter Scholarship
Sheila Ramsey Scholarship
Dr. Kent & Wendy Scholl Scholarship
Doug & Sharon Scholz Scholarship
Caroline Scholz Scholarship
Merle Wilberding & Susan Newhart Elliott Scholarship
Jean V. Woodhull Scholarship
Mary Campbell Zopf Scholarship