Muse Holiday Show

Greene Tree Lighting Directions

  • From Muse Machine, travel 4.5 miles south on Main Street (in the direction of Oakwood)
  • Left onto Dorothy Lane (there’s a streetlight)
  • Travel 3.5 miles down Dorothy Lane
  • Turn right onto Stroop (There’s a streetlight and the giant white Montgomery County water tower is on the far side. This is just prior to The Greene, but we have been STRONGLY advised to follow these directions to get in and park more easily considering the peak traffic for the tree lighting event)
  • Just before the cinema, turn left onto Glengarry. There is a parking structure on your left as you enter – park here if there is space. If it is full, continue past the cinema and turn right on Chestnut to another parking structure.
  • Park and walk to the center of the shopping complex. You will see the giant Christmas tree and on one end, a white covered performing area, which is where we perform. Please go directly there.


On Sat, Nov 18, selected cast members (see schedule) rehearse Polka from 10:00-11:30, followed by lunch. Everyone who is performing at the Greene rehearses at the Muse studio from 12:30-4:30, at which point we depart for the Greene. Although it might normally take about 20 minutes to get to the Greene from downtown, the attendance for this event sometimes affects traffic dramatically – this is why we are leaving at 4:30 and why we are providing alternate directions (suggested by the Greene). There is commonly an audience of 10,000 people at this event.

Performers’ Attire

Colorful scarves, hats, mittens, winter accessories. It is predicted to be 50 + degrees that day with significant rain. wear appropriate jackets to keep you dry (there is no way to be covered the entire time) and wear shoes that will not slip. When you arrive at The Greene, don’t bring any belongings (purses, backpacks, etc) with you – there is no place to put them.


How performers get to the Greene is, of course, up to each family and performer. If the performer is riding with a family member, it is important that the ride be outside Muse at 4:30. If it is ok with the performer’s family that he or she help to carpool other performers to the Greene, make that availability known at Greene rehearsals this week and others may join you. If the performer wants to ride with someone else with his or her family’s permission, make that known at this week’s rehearsals and connect with one of the parents or students who is driving.


Following the instructions above and parking on the outskirts of the Greene will enable you to exit far more quickly. We are told that officers do ticket vehicles that park in other (non-Greene) parking lots.

Singing & Afterward

We are scheduled to sing beginning around 5:30 and the song and dance program is about 20 minutes long. The start time is contingent on other things happening at the event, so take that as approximate. When we have finished, each performer does as he or she has planned. We will not be returning to Muse Machine. Each person should have a plan to meet with his or her ride and either depart or enjoy the remaining festivities (parade, Santa’s arrival, tree lighting, snow, etc). We suggest that, if you plan to leave rather than staying, do so promptly after the performance, because the ensuing activities and traffic will make it increasingly difficult to exit unless you plan to stay for the entire event.

This is an exciting event – thanks for being a part of it!