A Few Announcements


We know that many Muse students, alumni, families and friends have been waiting to hear what this summer will look like regarding Muse performances. We’ve been brainstorming, considering options and here’s what’s ahead.

Some of you may recall that we’d announced a few years ago an every-other-year schedule for summer concerts. Fantastic opportunities arose with the opening of the new library space and then a visit from our jazz musician friends, which led to new types of shows in new spaces. We’re thrilled those were so well received and we also appreciate that so many of you are looking forward to a really large-scale summer production, back at the Victoria Theatre. We will return to the Victoria with another large production—however, not this summer. But there is more news, so keep reading…

First, the concert: we’ll return to the Victoria Theatre with a large production on August 6, 2020. Although we aren’t releasing the title this far in advance, we are planning the sort of production numbers, wide variety of music and comedy that Muse is known for. The show will incorporate Muse members, alumni and a couple of numbers for younger performers as well. Auditions will occur in approximately mid July and rehearsals follow.

What about this summer? This summer, we’re having a party. On Thursday, August 8, 6:00-9;30pm, we’re inviting Muse performers, alum, families and friends of Muse to a party and cook-out at the Miami Valley Hunt and Polo Club in Kettering. In addition to bringing our favorite people back together, that evening we will also show highlight reels from both Mamma Mia! and Hello, Dolly! It’s free and we’d love to see you there.

RSVP for Muse Summer Party

Finally, hundreds of musical students and families have had conversations with creative team members about what happens after high school: selecting college/conservatory/training programs, preparing for auditions, determining where you fit best among creative options, and also how to navigate challenging situations after college. We’ll always be available to discuss these things in person, and now we’re putting some of this info online. A Life in the Arts Survival Guide will be a resource for some of these important questions—coming late summer on this website.

And while we’re all getting caught up, here’s a couple of bonuses… As you may know, there are archive pages for all of our musicals and concerts, with photo galleries, program info and more—so we’re happy to add the archive page for last July’s concert, The Joint Is Jumpin’:

The Joint Is Jumpin Archive

… and the new archive page for our production of Mamma Mia! (complete with flippers):

Mamma Mia! Archive

So that brings us up to date, from last summer all the way through summer of 2020! Enjoy the archives, have an incredible June and July and mark your calendars (and RSVP!) to come together for a great evening in early August for a bit of Muse craziness.