In-School Performances

2017-2018 In-School Performances

Schedule 2017-2018 In-School Performances

In-School Performance Evaluation

Advisors: Please complete this form after each performance. These evaluations are very important to Muse Machine for the planning of future programs, grants and marketing. The evaluation will take just two minutes to complete!

Performance Space Survey

Advisors: You may have already been asked to respond to a very brief, multiple choice survey about the space where your in-school performances occur. If you have not already taken that survey, you may do so below. We are adding exciting elements to the in-school performances and this information will be tremendously helpful for our new shows – thank you!

The last question will direct you to a particular worksheet. This will be an interesting task for two reliable students with a sizable tape measure and they can complete it in approximately a class period. Use the links below to open and print the worksheet as suggested by your survey. After your students complete the worksheet, you (or they) may conveniently submit measurements below.