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Student memberships

Click on your high school or middle school below to become a Muse Machine student member. For obvious reasons, many schools and arts organizations will do things a little differently in the 2020-21 season. Muse has some new ideas to help you stay creative during an unusual year!

• This year, Muse Machine student membership is free at most schools!

• When you sign up, we’ll let you know about virtual activities, including creative workshops.

• Performances (musicals, concerts, dance, etc) are expected to resume in January 2021 and Muse plans to offer discounted tickets directly to student members.

• If your school isn’t listed or you attend home school, look below for those sections!

• Students: Please complete the brief form WITH your parent or guardian (they’ll need to electronically sign the form).


  1. Schools A-H

    Alter High School


    Ankeney Middle School


    Beavercreek High School


    Bethel High School


    Bethel Middle School


    Butler High School


    Butler Tech (Fairfield Township Campus – School of the Arts)


    Carlisle High School


    Carroll High School


    Catholic Central High School


    Catholic Central Middle School


    Chamberlain Middle School


    Chaminade Julienne High School


    Centerville High School


    The CinDay Academy


    City Day Community School


    Coy Middle School (Gr 6)
    Coy Middle School (Gr 7 & 8)


    DECA High School


    DECA Middle  School


    Dixie High School


    Dixie Middle School


    EJ Brown Middle School


    Emerson Academy of Dayton


    Fairlawn High School


    Fairlawn Middle School


    Fairmont High School


    Graham Middle School


    Greenville High School


    Greenville Middle School


    Hardin-Houston High School



  2. Schools I-Z

    Incarnation School


    Kettering Fairmont High School


    Kettering Middle School


    Magsig Middle School


    Miami East High School


    The Miami Valley School


    Miamisburg High School


    Miamisburg Middle School


    Middletown High School


    Morton Middle School


    Northmont High School


    Northmont Middle School


    Northridge Local Schools


    Oakwood High School


    Oakwood Junior High School


    Ponitz CTC


    Springboro High School


    Stivers School for the Arts


    Summit Academy (Xenia)


    Tecumseh High School


    Tecumseh Middle School


    Tower Heights Middle School


    Trotwood-Madison High School


    Trotwood-Madison Middle School


    Van Buren Middle School


    Vandalia Butler High School


    Warner Middle School


    Wayne High School


    Weisenborn Junior High School


    West Carrollton High School


    West Carrollton Middle School


    Wogaman Middle School


    Wright Brothers Middle School


    Xenia High School


  3. My School Is Not On The List

    If your high school or middle school does not currently participate in Muse Machine (i.e., does not appear in the lists above), join here:

    Non-Participating Schools
  4. Home School Students

    If you are a student attending home school and would like to be a part of Muse Machine activities, join here:

    Home School Students
  5. Elementary Schools

    For more information about how students elementary or preschools might be a part of Muse Machine, click here!

Muse Machine has given me a place to connect with other students who have the same passion as I do and who know exactly how I feel about the arts. When I'm at Muse I feel as if I'm home—and there's no greater feeling than that.

Christine Fiala Muse Alum