Capturing a Sense of Place

A Photography Workshop for Educators
Tuesday, April 2, 4:00-6:30pm
Metropolitan Arts Center

With cameras in our pockets, photography is a daily experience for most of us. With a little guidance from an award-winning photographer, we’ll not only see the quality of our photos broadly improve, but also tell compelling stories! Join us at a photography workshop on April 2 with photographer Andy Snow as he helps us create a story about place and our connection to it through photographs.


During the workshop, Andy will:

  • Get us to think like a photographer with our digital cameras;
  • Discuss how capturing a sense of place is a thread throughout much of his work;
  • Demonstrate how a sequence of photos can tell a story and how changing that sequence can tell a new story;

This workshop is a prelude to our Summer Institute for Educators with Ping Chong + Company.  Through theater and visual art, teachers will explore a sense of place and belonging.

Andy Snow has worked as a professional photographer for over 40 years. He became fascinated with photography while finishing his philosophy degree at Princeton University. There, under the guidance of documentary photographer Sol Libsohn and photography historian Peter Bunnell, Snow learned the art of illuminating narrative with photography.

“When I’m making photographs, turning off the chatter of the mind, being focused on what I truly see before me is all that matters. It’s a mindful meditation that never fails to be simultaneously heartfelt and energizing.” —Andy Snow

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All photos on this page by Andy Snow