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Dayton Dragons/Muse Machine 50/50 Raffle

The Dayton Dragons are hosting their first-ever “Rebuilding The Arts” weekend at Day Air Ballpark this weekend (July 16-18), and Muse Machine has been selected as the organization at the center of their spotlight!

In addition to sharing our story with families from across the region at the game and through their social media channels, there’s a very tangible fundraising component to this weekend, and you can participate even if you’re not able to attend one of this weekend’s games.

The Dragons 50/50 raffle is going to be a rolling 3-day jackpot from Fri-Sun. At the end of that raffle, 50% of the proceeds will go to one lucky winner (it could be you!) and the other 50% comes directly to Muse Machine to help fund learning and arts opportunities for young people.

You don’t have to wait until Friday to sign up though, you can actually get your 50/50 raffle tickets right now through their online portal – click here.

All of the raffle tickets sold before Friday will add up to start the in-stadium jackpot even higher than normal, which leads to even more sales throughout the weekend. So if you’re interested in helping Muse Machine and maybe winning some big money, do us a favor and get your raffle tickets online now!

Of course, we would love to see you at one of the games this weekend too. The Dragons are having an awesome season coming out of the pandemic and tickets are still available for you to come join us in the fun this weekend. Tickets are available online – click here.

Muse Machine

Muse Machine is a nationally celebrated arts education organization serving more than 76,800 students and their teachers each year throughout central and southwestern Ohio and Kentucky since 1982.

For most students, Muse will create “a-ha!” moments by suggesting imaginative bridges to curriculum. Many will use Muse to discover culture that may have seemed out of reach. Still others will explore their own creative paths through Muse. And all will benefit by the presence of enthusiastic, innovative teachers in their classrooms.

Preschool & Elementary Students

If you’d like info about how your student in preschool or elementary school can participate, click here.

Middle School & High School Students

Students in middle school or high school—including home school students in equivalent grades—may become Muse Machine members and participate in programs in and out of school. For student member info, click here.

Creativity & Learning

Want to know more about Muse’s many programs, including the Muse musical, in-school residencies and performances, discounted tickets to shows, professional development for teachers and more? Check out “what do we do?” – click here.


If you’d like to donate to support arts and learning opportunities through Muse Machine, click here.