Purchase Muse Musical Tickets

Tickets for Muse Machine’s 9 to 5 are available through Dayton Live (link below). Here’s a few tips…

Avoid the processing fee

Our first tip to families is to purchase tickets in person at the Dayton Live box office in the lobby of the Schuster Center (across the street from Muse Machine). By purchasing in person, you avoid a 17% processing fee which is added to online or phone orders! Click here for box office hours. 

Purchase sooner rather than later

Often, Muse performances sell out or sell to high capacity. The longer you wait to purchase tickets, the more likely it is that the performance may be unavailable or that the area you’d prefer is no longer available. It is entirely to your advantage to purchase tickets soon.

Sit in more than one location

Muse audience members often attend more than once. If you do, it can be a very different experience to see the show from different spots in the theatre (from the ground level/”orchestra level” and again from above on the balcony level). The show is designed to communicate to the entire audience!

The link below will take you to Muse’s ticket page at Dayton Live. Keep in mind, purchasing in person rather than online will avoid processing fees.

Purchase tickets for 9 to 5