Out-of-School Performances



Fri, May 19 at 8pm • Dayton Opera & Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra • Schuster Center 

Poor Don José. Poised to marry Micaela, the hometown “good girl” whom his mother approves, he topples like a giant oak in a storm when the fiery gypsy sets her laser sights on the hapless corporal. Don José doesn’t give in without a struggle, and neither does pure-hearted Micaela, who dares to search for her love in the mountainous gypsy smugglers’ lair. But who can resist Carmen’s seductive Seguidilla or her inviting, tempestuous Habanera? Certainly not Don José, and definitely not the generations of audiences who have made Georges Bizet’s masterpiece one of the most frequently performed operas ever.

The Muse Machine club at your school may offer discounted tickets for this event (the selection of events varies from school to school). See your Muse advisor if you are interested in attending!