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Muse Machine presents the musical comedy
9 to 5
Performance dates: Jan 11-14, 2024 at the Victoria Theatre

9 to 5 tells the story three workmates pushed to boiling point by their egotistical boss. Concocting a plan to turn the tables on their despicable supervisor, will the women manage to reform their office – or will events unravel when the CEO pays an unexpected visit? Inspired by the hit movie this hilarious musical is about teaming up, standing up and taking care of business!

“I am beyond thrilled to the response to 9 to 5 The Musical,” said composer and lyricist Dolly Parton. “The overwhelmingly positive fan reaction tickles every rhinestone on my body!”

Among the country’s largest pre-professional musical productions for young people, the Muse Machine Musical features more than 100 students as on-stage performers (actor/singer/dancers), musicians and behind-the-scenes production assistants.

Performance Accessibility

Dance number, male dancers presenting "Violet" character, YouTube link

Click image above to watch the performance trailer!

Allison Janney dances with Muse cast

Allison Janney surprised Muse Machine’s 9 to 5 cast by crashing rehearsal and really making an entrance — what an experience! Click image above to watch the video!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next musical announced?

Upcoming shows are usually announced each August.

What are the next musical performance dates?

The 2024-25 musical will run Thurs, Jan 16 – Sun, Jan 19, 2025 at the Victoria Theatre. Public tickets for this performance swill be available via Dayton Live beginning mid November.

How can I audition and when do they occur?

You may reserve an audition appointment online. The week the show is announced, links will be posted to select an audition appointment. For planning purposes, these are the tentative audition dates for the upcoming musical:
• Auditions: Sept 23-29, 2024 (students will schedule an appointment for one session on one of these days)
• Round 1 Callback Auditions for Selected Male Performers: Mon, Sept 30, 2024, 4:30-9:30pm
• Round 1 Callback Auditions for Selected Female Performers: Tues, Oct 1, 2024, 4:30-9:30pm
• Round 2 Callback Auditions for Selected Performers: Wed, Oct 2, 2024, 4:30-9:30pm

What grade levels can audition?

Grades 8-12 may audition for any Muse musical. Often, grades 2-7 also have an opportunity to audition (it depends on the show selected — whether the younger grades participate is made clear when the show is announced).

What do I prepare for auditions?

When the show is announced, links are provided with detailed info about exactly what you should prepare. In short, for a cast audition you select and prepare your own brief monologue and song segment. There is nothing to prepare in advance for the dance audition. There is less to prepare for auditions for students in grades 2-7. You will also find info pages for orchestra auditions and production assistant interviews — we’ll help to make it easy!

Do I need to be a Muse Machine member to audition?

Middle school and high school students must be a member of Muse Machine to audition. Muse “membership” doesn’t exist for elementary school students, so it is not a requirement for those performers.

How do I become a Muse Machine student member?

In most cases, you may join through this page on our website. Be patient, most school links will become available in July, August or September. If your school doesn’t participate in Muse and is not on that list, scroll down that page to “my school is not on the list” and you may join Muse directly there. You may join for the 2024-25 season beginning in August 2024.

When and how often do you rehearse?

This is difficult to answer because it is different for different members of the cast. Usually, rehearsals occur from 4:30-8:30pm Mon-Thurs, 10am-5pm on Sat and noon-5pm on Sun. However, only certain performers will be needed at each rehearsal, so there may be weeks when many students are only needed one or two days. Rehearsals begin in mid October and run through the performances in January, with breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Most of our performers are also in shows at their schools, other orchestras, play sports, etc, and we make every effort to be flexible around students’ other school commitments and to be a complementary experience.



Summer Performance

The Muse Machine Summer Concert is an original musical revue featuring a large cast of performers in grades 2-12 and many Muse alumni as well, all performing as singers, dancers or in the orchestra. The concert happens in July or early August of selected years and auditions are typically in early July, with rehearsals beginning days afterward. Tickets generally go on sale in June through Dayton Live.

A Muse concert is not scheduled for summer 2023.

You may audition for the summer concert if:
• You are an alum of Muse Machine musicals or concerts
• You were a Muse member during the preceding year
• You will be a Muse member in the upcoming year
• You are an elementary school student

Full of singing, dancing and high spirits... we left feeling optimistic about the future of show business and also about life in general.

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