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“Infusing the school day with joy”

Two female dancers from Dayton Contemporary Dance Company do choreographed arm movements on stage

Students filed into the auditorium, aware that this wasn’t a typical assembly. Music began and dancers erupted into a performance, weaving together both dance and literature. Before long, the dancers had the students on their feet as well — moving, dancing, laughing and asking questions. From musicians to opera singers to acting troupes, Muse artists craft interactive events that not only entertain but also ignite connections to the curriculum, infusing the school day with joy.

Through your generous support, you affirm that the arts are an essential component of every child’s education. Your contribution ensures that students from all walks of life, regardless of their school or background, can access enriching artistic experiences that nurture their spirits and expand their horizons.

Ruth Reveal
Executive Director

Your financial gift of any size goes right where you want it to—connecting young people with artists and educators, creating “a-ha!” moments and sparking creative thought in classrooms and performance spaces across southwestern Ohio!

A school-day assembly of many students dance from their auditorium seats, guided by dancers on stage.

“Muse Machine has been nothing short of an amazing experience for me and everyone I know. I’ve grown academically and also creatively — thank you Muse Machine!”

Kara Silver, grade 10, Vandalia Butler High School

Photos of Muse Machine in-school performance featuring Dayton Contemporary Dance Company: Sarah Babcock

Donate to Muse Machine

Each year, Muse Machine serves more than 76,800 students and their teachers throughout central and southwestern Ohio and Kentucky!