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Wynton Works

Sat, Oct 7 at 4pm • Dayton Contemporary Dance Company • Victoria Theatre • Early estimated run time TBA • Drop date TBA

Collaborating with UD Jazz Ensemble and guest artist Dr. Isidore Rudnick on saxophone, DCDC presents Wynton Works, a tribute to the music and genius of Wynton Marsalis. Deeply enriched by various music traditions, Marsalis’ work reflects the dynamically diverse lineage that informs DCDC’s art. Wynton Works unites two great art forms and two great lineages, featuring new dance work in a community engagement between artists and lovers of music and dance. DCDC performsWynton Works at Victoria Theatre.

The Muse Machine club at your school may offer discounted tickets for this event (the selection of events varies from school to school). See your Muse advisor if you are interested in attending!

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