Where In The World

We will travel the world, leading up to the announcement of the upcoming Muse musical. Every song and dance happened somewhere—can you recall where?

Consider the clues and tell us the location in question and what Muse musical (or musicals) happened in (or approximately in) that location. If we receive at least one entirely correct answer, we’ll have new clues each day, leading up to a bit of news. If anyone answers every day correctly, they will be entered into a drawing for a free musical voucher. Capiche? Wunderbar.

Day 1

No longitude, no latitude, the GPS is nowhere in sight. Along with at least one Muse musical, our first location produced one President, one Enterprise Captain and sliced bread. Beam a sandwich to the Oval Office and deduce the answers…

ANSWER 1 Iowa: home of President Hoover, Captain Kirk and the birthplace of sliced bread. Muse productions: Music Man, The Pajama Game

Day 2

Our first day brought a fountain of answers—at least one correct—so we depart, a globe to guide us. Step with respect at this most renowned crossing… pineapples high in the sky beckon peace while far below, beneath the traffic, more than 1,000 bodies lie in unrest… and all the while, Ben sings in E. String your clues and plot your course… 

ANSWER 2 England or London: site of the Abbey Road street crossing; golden pineapples (symbolizing peace as well as status) adorn the towers of St. Paul’s Cathedral; more than 1,000 bodies are buried in a plague pit beneath Aldgate Station; Big Ben chimes in the key of E. Muse productions: Oliver!, Peter Pan, Me And My Girl, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins

Day 3

Another day, another destination, another map flies out the window. The island paradise beckons travelers by air and boat. The songs, the dance, some never leave, some never return, but the clock is ticking and you must choose…

ANSWER 3 Neverland or Never Never Land: “flies out the window”; beckons by air (fairy dust flight) or boat (pirate ship); some never leave (most inhabitants) while some never return (Wendy among others); “the (crocodile’s) clock is ticking”. Muse production: Peter Pan

Day 4

Yet another day, yet another destination, yet another island calls to us. From the preponderance of gold, walk across the island to where the very wisest eyes are kept in a box. But pick up your pace—the ground beneath your feet may reach 150º and we have places to go…

ANSWER 4 New York City or Manhattan: site of the world’s largest gold stockpile 80’ beneath Wall Street; Einstein’s stolen eyes are kept in a safety deposit box in the city; the summer concrete can reach 150 degrees and higher. Muse productions: West Side Story, Guys And Dolls, Mame, My Favorite Year, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, On The Town, Throughly Modern Millie, Crazy For You, Hello, Dolly! and Muse Machine’s Excellent Adventure (though that won’t be counted against anyone).

Day 5

From one island to the next to the next, pick one among thousands. Beware each wave—they are foul, not friend—but the blue above may stave off the hand of evil. Put a name to this layover, our journey is nearly at an end…

ANSWER 5 Greece: “one among thousands” (there are as many as 6,000 Greek islands); the gesture of waving to a local inhabitant is considered an offensive gesture; the roofs of many buildings are painted blue for several reasons, one being that it is believed to repel evil. Muse production: Mamma Mia!

Day 6

A whirlwind tour, to be sure… an array of locations, music and memories. As we embark toward our new adventure for the months ahead, please keep the surprise just a day or two longer, so that others may discover it as you have. Is there anything left to share? Of course… the when, the what and the where. With no other exits in sight, perhaps what you seek lies behind the image itself? The globe is our guide…