It's a wrap!

Due to the likelihood of severe weather this coming weekend, the Wrap Party has been rescheduled for the following Saturday. 

The wrap party for all Mamma Mia cast, orchestra and PAs is Saturday, January 26, 5:30pm-10pm in the Muse studio.

The parent organizers ask for families to contribute to the refreshments. Refer to these guidelines so everyone doesn’t bring the same items. Please bring enough for approximately 10 to 15 people. The families of seniors do not need to contribute.

If your last name begins with
A-I  $5 donation for pizza
J-R  dessert/cookies
S-Z  fruit, veggies or cheese tray

Seniors: Each senior has the chance to speak briefly near the end of the party (to thank people, say what you’d like). There are a lot of graduating seniors and when everyone is swept up in emotion, comments can go far longer than people realize. Before the party, each senior should set a 90-second timer on his or her phone and rehearse comments out loud so you can say what you’d like while being aware of the time.