Out-of-School Performances

By becoming a Muse Machine member, students can purchase discounted tickets for the Muse Machine’s annual musical and summer concert, as well as performances at the Schuster Center, the Victoria Theatre and other local venues. Muse members can see the very best shows and performances appearing in Dayton at very affordable prices!

This includes many performances presented by the Victoria Theatre Association, Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Human Race Theatre Association, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Wright State Theatre Department, Sinclair Theatre Department and more!

When they become a Muse member, students can often purchase tickets right on their online membership form at the same time. They can also see the Muse advisor at their school for tickets.

Muse advisors select which shows will be available for their students from a larger menu of tickets provided by Muse Machine the preceding spring. Occasionally, Muse will also make discounted tickets available to students and their parents via musemachine.com. Student members may also use their member keycard to receive student discounts at most arts events!

Out-Of-Schools Performances