Advanced Teacher Training Seminar

New York City
June 6-11, 2023

The upcoming Advanced Teacher Training Seminar (ATTS) returns to New York City for six whirlwind days, including Broadway musicals and plays, performances at the Metropolitan Opera and New York Philharmonic, museum tours and face-to-face sessions with key creators and educators. We are thrilled to be back in NYC and to immerse outstanding Muse teachers in the arts in the most exciting and thoughtful ways!

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Animated gif collecting images from the shows and venues from July 2023 ATTS trip

To be afforded the opportunities we are given to bring so much art, culture and connectivity back to our students; to be able to help our students understand the intricate relationships between the arts, their lives, society, history and their learning has been one of the greatest joys of my professional life.

Kristy Hurst Teacher
Head shot of teacher Kristy Hurst


The Suzy Bassani Advanced Teacher Training Seminar Endowment generates operating revenue for Muse Machine’s Advanced Teacher Training Seminar in New York City. During this immersive arts experience, teachers attend a diverse array of world-renowned theatre, dance, music, opera and visual art. They also attend workshops and seminars with remarkable producers, directors, artists, designers, costumers and arts administrators from that city’s leading arts organizations. The seminar allows time to interact and collaborate with peers in an exciting and invigorating arts environment that leads to unique and progressive teaching ideas.

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Contributors to the Suzy Bassani Advanced Teacher Training Seminar Endowment

Jane & Bob Alter
Wayne & Kathleen Anderson
Albert Asebrook
Cassie & Timothy Barlow
Pino & Suzy Bassani
Michael & Linda Bergman
David E. Berry
Doug & Elizabeth Betz
Mike & Linda Brown
Rosalie Catalano & Paul Ginsburg
Betsy & Brad Clapp
Tom & Cindy Clark
Jane Collins & John Gummel
Julie Davis
Lorna G. Dawes
Mark & Marilyn Dues
Janet Ferguson
Pat Ferguson
Mike Geer
Patti Giering
Debby & Bob Goldenberg
Jane G. Haley
Houser Asphalt & Concrete, Inc.
Sam & Judy Hudson
John & Pamela Jacobs
Allison Janney
Sandra J. Kachurek
Donna King

Tara Knopp
Sarah Kunesh
C. Thomas & Melinda Lurz
Liz Maxson
Steven & Kathleen McCrillis
Thom & Penni Meyer
Bob & Therese Miller
Frank Petrie
Mary Quinlan
Zakiya Robinson
Sharon Scanlan
Dr. & Mrs. Kent K. Scholl
Doug & Sharon Scholz
Ewald & Nancy Schulte
Deron Schwieterman
Martha & Dale Shields
Contributions in Memory of Hilda Shirley
Molly & Scott Spears
Jim & Becky Suhr
Ira & Susan Thomsen
Juliann Vann
Amy Wagner
Bill & Carolyn Wheeler
Merle Wilberding & Susan Elliott
Tina & Dennis Wolf
Jean Woodhull
Lynn Wurzelbacher
Mary Campbell Zopf

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