Dayton Dragons

We heard back from most participants, and based on responses, more people are clearly available on Sunday. Please meet at the main gate promptly at 12:30 Sunday afternoon and we’ll rehearse!

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Itinerary & Details

Prior to Sunday, July 18

A choreography video appears below. It is important that you rehearse prior to this event (it is an edited version of “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and many of you are already familiar with Lula’s choreography for this piece). We will work through the choreography together at the event, but everyone must memorize the basic choreography in advance.

12:30pm on Sunday, July 18

We’ll see you at the main gate of Dayton Dragons’ stadium PROMPTLY at 12:30pm on Sun, July 18! Meet at the main gate at the stadium (Day Air Ballpark, formerly Fifth Third Field), 220 N. Patterson Blvd., Dayton OH 45402. Do not be late!

Performers will enter at this time (as a group with Muse). We will do a quick spacing rehearsal in the ballpark and then relocate for a dance rehearsal.

If parents want to arrive at that same time, they may may do so (they would have to enter promptly at 12:30 with the Muse group). Or they can enter later…

1:00pm on Sunday, July 18

Gates open to the public at 1:00pm. Be sure to have access to the free digital tickets that will be emailed to you by the Dragons.

2:00pm on Sunday, July 18

Game begins. Muse will perform between the third and fourth innings.

What to wear

We will provide free tee shirts to all the performers (purple with white imprint). Because of the likely heat, we suggest performers wear shorts (shorts must be at least “fingertip length” — when arms hang naturally at your side, shorts must be at the length of your fingertips or longer). Also wear sneakers (no flip-flops).


Send a Msg to the Muse team