Health & Safety for In-School Performances

Muse Machine is excited about many creative opportunities planned for the year ahead! We will integrate protocols and guidance suggested by the CDC and the ODH alongside the protocols of schools and our arts partners to provide safe experiences for students, educators, the public and our staff.

Muse Machine will continue to consider the latest data and guidance as we create and inspire with safety as our priority. We look forward to providing exciting arts experiences that will help students, teachers and our community to create bonds of joy, hope and healing.

In-School Performances

Muse Machine will follow all school district protocols for health and hygiene. We highly recommend that all in-school artists follow recommended best practices for preventing the spread of coronavirus and other contagious diseases. Should an artist have a fever, productive cough, cold or other flu-like symptoms, Muse asks that they immediately notify the Secondary Schools Program Scheduler to reschedule upcoming performances. The following list outlines Muse’s expectations for: artists, schools and Muse staff.

Artists will:

• Wear a mask while traveling through the school (i.e., office, hallways) to the performance space. Artists will remain masked and maintain 6 feet of social distance around school staff and students.

• Not need to mask during the performance, unless by request of the school or district.

• Maintain 15 feet of distance between themselves and the audience

• Immediately notify your co-artists, school representative and the Secondary Schools Program Scheduler, and go home as soon as possible, if you begin to feel ill during a performance.

Schools will:

• Provide a clean performance space with at least 15 feet of distance between the artist and the audience.

• Share all relevant health and safety protocols with Muse staff ahead of the performance date.

Muse Machine will:

• Do our best to communicate school health and safety protocols to Artists ahead of your scheduled performance.

• Make every effort to reschedule canceled performances for a later available date, as outlined in the Service Contract.

Any extra precautions that in-school artists might choose to take — in addition to following school district guidelines required of visitors — is within their right as independent contractors to decide.