Muse Together

We’ve launched a new video series called Muse Together, featuring creative artists, Muse alumni and educators, to provide an eclectic array of instruction and delight for young people, their families and teachers. From artistic tips to dance exercises to mini performances to teaching guides, these “house calls” will enlighten and brighten days, a few minutes at a time.

You’ll find the periodic Muse Together videos, along with many other Muse videos, on our YouTube page, at – and while you’re there, click subscribe so you see everything to come!

Summer is here — do you know where your flippers are?

Celebrate International Dance Day with Muse Machine!

“It’s silly when we get into these crazy hypotheticals…”  From Muse Machine’s In The Heights, 2020.

“When the lights go down, I blast my radio!” From Muse Machine’s In The Heights, 2020.

“Just to sit still would be a sin.” From Muse Machine’s Hairspray, 2017.

During unusual times, we’re reminded to wear our feathers and eat in moderation. From Muse Machine’s Hello, Dolly! 2018.

This one’s for our younger Musies, who are in for a fun time using bodies and faces to move and perform! Featuring dancer and teaching artist Beth Wright alongside another seasoned performer – her daughter Violet!

Director, actor and writer Rufus Bonds, Jr. shares an original song – a reminder that we are bound beautifully together. Lyric and melody by Rufus Bonds, Jr.

In winter of 2010, cast members from Muse’s Into The Woods were asked to perform at the Schuster Center. An impromptu recording of the first staging and tech rehearsal was captured with primitive tech, but the performance shines through. This message resonates more than ever right now. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate Sondheim’s recent 90th birthday and mark nearly ten years since this Muse performance. We’re pleased to finally share “No One Is Alone.”

Thousands of rehearsals have begun with a dance warm-up from Muse choreographer Lula Elzy. In the first episode of our new series, get on your feet for a few minutes and move!