Student Parking During Rehearsals

Stratacache Tower has been remarkably kind to offer significantly discounted parking to musical and concert participants. Parking is less than a block from the rehearsal site (more details below). They are able to offer our student drivers “$3-per-park”, which is substantially less than normal rates for any nearby garage. Not to mention, the option also provides a security guard.

You enter the Stratacache Tower parking garage off of Jefferson Street, between Second and Third Streets. When you pass Third Street, on your left you will see an open parking lot, then an alley and then ramps going up and down. Take the FIRST RAMP UP (you will have to take a ticket as you enter). You may park on any floor and take the elevator down to the lobby (“L”). Turn left and cross the lobby area, walk to the left of the TV screens on the far wall and exit out the REVOLVING doors. You will be looking at the side of Premier Health Center. Turn left and walk to Main Street. Turn right on Main Street and walk past Uno’s to Muse Machine.

When you arrive at rehearsal, write your name on the a provided envelope and put it along with the $3 fee in the designated area just inside the rehearsal studio. You must bring exact change. During the course of rehearsal, Shannon will replace the money from your envelope with a parking pass. When you drive out of the building, use your new parking pass to exit. To be clear – you do not need a pass to get in – this is an alternate form of payment to get out. Muse Machine receives no profit from this effort (we pay $3 for each ticket validated). We are just making it convenient for you to purchase the discounted parking passes.

Available parking is not guaranteed but, space will very likely exist in the garage for all of you who opt to park there. We strongly urge all student drivers to use this option which is both safe and affordable.