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Human Race Theatre Company
Wed, Sept 27, 7pm • Thurs, Sept 28, 8pm • The Loft Theatre
Early estimated run time TBA • Drop date 8/31

Andy’s favorite way to escape his miserable job and humdrum life is the online game Legendale. He dreams of victory in its new tournament and winning the grand prize to become “the Lord of Legendale,” but is stuck competing as a lowly milkmaid. When things in the online world suddenly take a strange turn, Andy and his avatar must both discover their inner warrior. A blend of romance, adventure and virtual reality with a pop-infused score, it’s an inspiring tale like no other that’s sure to delight.

Much of this video is spoken in Danish. We suggest clicking the “CC” logo along the bottom of the screen for English captions. In addition to the brief interviews, the video reveals exciting footage from a production of Legendale. The Human Race production is, of course, entirely in English.

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