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Mamma Mia!

January 10-13, 2019 • Victoria Theatre Mamma Mia! was a perfect example of a how show emerges very differently from the hands of different performers and creative teams. Muse’s production helped to emphasize the caring relationships between family and chosen family and also brought a large, vibrant scale and energy to the production numbers. When the Mediterranean village showed up to sing and dance, the entire population was moving and it was amazing. And no one's going to forget a stage filled with dancing guys in flippers anytime soon. At different moments a bit retro and contemporary, emotional and funny, this show brought audiences to their feet and would have made ABBA proud.

Director Rufus Bonds, Jr.
Choreographer Lula Elzy
Music Director Jeffery Powell
Producer Douglas Merk
Rehearsal Stage Manager Shannon Sellars
Performance Stage Manager Emily Duffin
Technical Director/Lighting Designer John Rensel
Costume Coordinators Toni Donato Shade, Alisa Vukasinovich
Principal Photography Daniel Rader & Ben Morrison

Sophie Sheridan Charlotte Kunesh
Ali Trinity Wolff
Cassie Julie Murphy
Lisa Marisha Osowski
Nina Macy Patton
Tanya Courtney Collinsworth
Rosie Sara LiBrandi
Donna Sheridan Melanie Dodson
Sky Regin Potter
Pepper Bryce Galvan
Eddie Nick Bradley
Harry Bright Michael Taylor
Bill Austin Steven Greenwalt
Sam Carmichael Desmond Kingston
Father Alexandrios Fischer Barnett

Sophie Arcusa
Jaylen Bagley
Khyree Banks
Eli Baranowski
Neve Barker
Fischer Barnett
Nick Bradley
Hannah Bradshaw
Mallory Branek
Megan Braun
Carmen Bruno
Luke Buell
Anna Carlson
Gabby Casto
Courtney Collinsworth
Matt Cromwell
Christina Crooks
Emily Cypher
Ryann Davis
Samantha Del Rosario
Kasey Dingee
Melanie Dodson
NaTonya Driscoll
Madison Eller
Noah Engel
Bergen Eppers
Daelyn Eppers
Ka’Vaughn Epps
Ashlynn Favor
Mackenzie Fox
Diana Galbraith
Bryce Galvan
Adelina Geraghty
Sarah Gibson
Jack Grandfield
Connor Gray
Steven Greenwalt
Benjamin Harshbarger
Tucker Hauff
Elizabeth Hayn
Jayden Hayn
Lindsay Hinds
Bert Hitzing
Caitlyn Hood
Reese Hornick
Allie Hubler
Benjamin Jones
Libby Kaibas
Taylor King

Desmond Kingston
Peyton Knight
Katie Kress
Charlotte Kunesh
Katie Leeds
Cathryn Leies
Ja’Nya Lewis
Sara LiBrandi
Ava Linder
Jaelynn Mack
Sam McLain
Cora Metz
Elysia Mlod
Hannah Morgan
Julie Murphy
Amirah Musa
Briana Oroszi
Marisha Osowski
Chloe Parks
Nicholas Pate
Macy Patton
Charlize Perry
Regin Potter
Hannah Puckett
Isabel Rawlins
Trinity Rice
Maddie Riddle
Collin Rismiller
Megan Rismiller
Jocelyn Ross
Bradley Scearce
Amelia Shade
Caleb Sherck
Elijah Sherck
Madeline Sherck
Zoe Singleton
Abbey Stamper
Abbie Stone
Michael Taylor
Maimouna Thiaw
Anika Vukasinovich
Milan Vukasinovich
Nikoli Vukasinovich
Amaria Wallace
Darian Watson
Mac Weatherspoon
Maggie Weckesser
Jarred Weitz
Haley Wills
Trinity Wolff
Kaleb Wourms
Sophia Yarwick

Joshua Johnson
Raymon King-Redding II
Michael McCann
Isaac Moore
Deonte Owensby
Drew Powell
Eli Powell
Jeffrey Powell
Paula Dunn Powell
Zach Reich

Derek Alex
Eloise Bennett
Emily Gordon
Angel Henning
Gabby Kennedy
Jillian Langford
Benji Moore
Brenden Pigg
Sabine Reynolds
Mo Sebald
Sabrina Sedlako

Promotional artwork designed by Desmond Kingston

This production was dedicated to Betsy B. Whitney


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