“He was bigger and better and larger than life’’

My Favorite Year

January 13-16, 2000 • Victoria Theatre - The early Muse Machine shows tended toward classic, golden-age musicals, but with My Favorite Year, Muse took on a more contemporary musical for the first time, one that would challenge its audience as well as its cast. Much of the show is as lighthearted and funny as the sketch comedy show it centers on, and Muse approached these moments with its usual gusto: The opening number 20 Million People felt like it featured that many onstage. Welcome to Brooklyn, which featured a flood of New Yorkers pouring out of a crowded apartment, clown-car style, proved an audience favorite night after night. But there are also moments in the show that require a degree of drama rarely achieved by actors so young, as the characters grapple with the meaning of family, fatherhood, and heroism, and learn how to reconcile their childhood dreams with the reality of their adult lives. Muse Machine’s production didn’t shy away from the darker moments, but it balanced them with truly joyous musical numbers, proving it could pull off serious theater without sacrificing its signature vibrance.


Director/Choreographer  Nat Horne
Co-Director/Music Director  David Düsing
Producer  Douglas Merk
Assistant Choreographer  Lula Elzy
Rehearsal Stage Manager  Jennifer Fisher
Performance Stage Manager  Susan D’Aloia
Technical Director  Scott Kimmins
Lighting Designer  John Rensel
Set Designer  Bruce Brown
Costume Coordinator  Amber Harris

Benjy Stone
 Patrick Stafford
King Kaiser  Jason Bayus
Sy Benson  Chris Shea
Alice Miller  Leah Garrett
Herb Lee  Ryan Scarlata
K.C. Downing  Rachel Tipps
Belle May Steinberg Carroca  Katharine Jackson
Floor Manager  Elizabeth Humphrey
Leo Silver  David Sherman
Daisy Kornheiser  Nicole Gray
Alan Swann  Benjamin Magnuson
“Rookie” Carroca  Ryan Filanda
Princess Veronica  Alicia Jez
Countess  Erin Riegel
Scungilli  Josh Harris
Baron de Roquefort Adam Miller
Tess  Julie Engle
Uncle Morty Adam Koch
Aunt Sadie  Jen Focht
Doorman  Billy Blanken
Cavalcade Announcer  Jerry Hauer

Jonathan Anderson
Kate Anderson
Sarah Arnold
Matt Bailey
Thomas Ballauer
Kristin Barry
Jason Bayus
Billy Blanken
Natalya Blumenfeld
Dru Blumensheid
Robert Brewer
Toccarra Cash
Andy Cochran
Jennifer Coffey
Nick Elder
Julie Engle
Annie Ervin
Joshua Few
Ryan Filanda
Jen Focht
Adam Fried
Heather Gorby
Matt Gothard
Kathryn Graham
Nicole Gray
Josh Harris
Miranda Harris
Jessica Hibbitts
Erin Hogan
Elizabeth Humphrey
Katharine Jackson
Alicia Jez
Leigh Ann Jez
Amanda Kauppila
Kellie Kennedy
Adam Koch

Jennifer Lapine
Emma Leahy-Good
Ben Magnuson
Jacob McGlaun
Adam Miller
Katie Moscowitz
Chamie Ndefru
Julie Nichols
Annie Pesch
Angele Price
Erin Riegel
Donata Roberts
Greg Russell
Billy Sauerland
Ryan Scarlata
Courtney Snow
Erin Spears
Brie Stout
Betsy Thompson
Paul Wagoner
Mary Williamson
Christine Zavakos

Amy Betche
Brandon Brahm
Lyndsay Carey
Christina Condon
Melissa Crumrine
Janette Davis
Jeff Demland
Veronica Dicker
Robert Groves
Sean Hagerty
Connie Harbaugh
Wes Harson
Gregg Havey
Ken Huff
Caroline Jackson
Andrew Martin
Darin McMann
Van Parker
Douglas Patko
Julie Pescheux
Andy Pester
Chris Puckett
Cory Ramey
Josh Roderer
Kevin Schultz
Will Smith
Sara Teegarden
Adam White

Katie Albert
Abigale Bacon
Amy Beaver
Sarah Bond
Cynthia Downs
Jenn Fisher
Kelli Gitlin
Tim Keeler
James Reynolds
Alice Hinkle
Carolyn Stonehill
Brittany Strehle
Laura Wiser


This production was dedicated to Jerry Hauer.

Promotional artwork designed by Lisa Berlin, Allen Cochran and Stephen Eichhorn.

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