“It's not on any chart, you must find it with your heart’’

Peter Pan

January 9-13, 2008 • Victoria Theatre For years, Peter Pan in all its various renderings has allowed its audiences and readers to escape to the childhood whimsy of Neverland, and Muse Machine’s production of the musical took special measures to stay true to that idea. In most productions of the stage version, Peter’s band of mischievous Lost Boys is played by fully grown female actors, just like Peter himself is. But Muse’s production opted instead to cast a real-life band of rowdy, rambunctious young boys for the roles. The choice gave the Lost Boys’ scenes a genuine playfulness that other productions sometimes lack, a frantic kind of energy that left the audience hungry whenever the youngest cast members left the stage. This kind of energy injected into the already fantastical story of a boy who never grows up left everyone who saw it feeling a little more carefree, and in the case of the grown-ups in the house, maybe even a little younger.

Director/Choreographer  Nat Horne
Co-Director/Music Director  David Düsing
Producer  Douglas Merk
Asst Director/Choreographer  Lula Elzy
Rehearsal Stage Manager  Shannon Sellars
Costume Coordinator  Amber Harris
Performance Stage Manager  Stacy Bigl
Technical Director/Lighting Designer  John Rensel
Rehearsal Accompanist  Bob Mueller
Principal Photography Thom Meyer

Narrator  Laura Portune
Wendy Darling Charity Farrell
John Darling  Micah Trout
Liza  Kendall Young
Michael Darling  Rollie Fisk
Nana Bryan  Burckle
Mrs. Mary Darling  Shelly Neuhart
Mr. George Darling  Nate Stevens
Peter Pan  Alex Finke
Lion Blake Stuerman
Kangaroo  Rachel Stock
Ostrich  Samantha Rucker
Slightly  Patrick Espy
Tootles  Jonny Farrow
Curly  Cameron Elliott
Nibs  Jonathan Payne
1st Twin  Charles Woodhull
2nd Twin  Corey Baldasare
Captain James Hook  Max Monnig
Smee  Tommy Skelton
Crocodile  Bryan Burckle
Tiger Lily Jasmine Al-Masri
Starkey  Andrew Koslow
Cecco  David Stone
Noodler  Tyler Rife
Mullins  Jordan Knecht
Jukes  Nathan Edwards
Wendy Darling Grown-Up  Joanie Payne
Jane Darling  Abby Brown

Cameron Elliot
Patrick Espy
Jonny Farrow
Korey Harlow
Nicholas Lynch-Voris
Rob Mitchell
Jonathan Payne
Davis Sullivan
Charles Woodhull

Elena Bohlander
Jacob Brown
Keta Burke-Williams
Jamal Cann
Nathan Edwards
Dan Espy
Tyler Haney
Coleman Hemsath
Annabeth Kane
Josh Katawick
Jordan Knecht
Andrew Koslow
Liza Martino
Amy Merl
Ben Morrison
Grace Olmstead
Joanie Payne
Christopher Razor
Jamard Richardson
Tyler Rife
Rebecca Ruttle
MacKenzie See
Dalton Sims
David Stone
Molly Troller
Carolyn Williamson

Abby Brown
Bryan Burckle
Trevor Coran
Emily Crenshaw
Kelsey DeMange
Joanna Draper
Bradley Farmer
Darius Fincher
Jarod Garel
Lisa Glover
Holly Griffith
Adam Houston
Allison Kelly
Kellen Loyle
Katie Mauch
Brianna McGhee
Nora Murphy
Samantha Rucker
Rachel Snyder
Rachel Stock
Blake Stuerman
Brianna Sullivan
Courtney Wallace
Katelyn Yeager
Rachel Zupp

Benjamin Anderson
Jon Benner
Brandon Blankenship
Erin Brown-McKibben
Christina Condon
Benjamin Crim
Peter Crim
Veronica Dicker
Kristen Duckro
Alexandra Duell
Royce Edwards-Kenion
Jacob Foskuhl
Kyle Franz
Michael Fu
Nicholas Hac
Josh Halpern
Cheryl Hoag
Lindsay Kleiser
Ellen Milligan
Bob Mueller
David Perkins
Amanda Ramey
Danielle Snyder
Jodie Starks
Michael Thomsen
Jacob Tudor
Ethan Updike
Claire Yingling

Jennifer Basye
Lainie Chrisman
Stephen Davis
Lucas Hall
Rebecca Hoffmann
Cameron Imbrogno
Stephanie Jonkoff
Michele Lynch
Lindsay McWilliams
Abby Rapp
Amanda Rison
Allie Shimp
Alex Stuckey
Blake Stuerman
Nicole Yochem 


This production was dedicated to Julia and William Hobart.

Promotional artwork designed by Adam Koch.

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