“One small voice in the universe’’


January 16-19, 2014 • Victoria Theatre - There perhaps doesn’t exist a musical with such youthful joy as Seussical, and there surely isn’t a production of the show that can boast more of that joy than the Muse Machine’s. Muse’s rendition of the show enlisted the help of accomplished acrobat, dancer, actor and “new vaudevillian” Fred Garbo to turn a passing reference in the script to the Circus McGurkus into an elaborate sequence featuring delightfully Seussian inflatable props and cast members performing all manner of circus tricks, from juggling to unicycling. This is just one way the show was scaled up to accommodate over 100 performers as old as 18 and young as 5. But after all, as Seussical so charmingly reminds us, “a person’s a person no matter how small.”

Director Joe Deer
Music Director Timothy Olt
Choreographer Lula Elzy
Producer Douglas Merk
Rehearsal Stage Manager Shannon Sellars
Costume Coordinators Lyn Baudendistel, Robin Brown,Patty Peters & Alisa Vukasinovich
Performance Stage Manager Stacie Bigl
Technical Director/Lighting Designer John Rensel
Sound Design David Sherman
“The Circus McGurkus” developed in collaboration with Fred Garbo
Principal Photography Daniel Rader

JoJo Mark Howard
The Cat in the Hat Sean Cheatwood
Horton the Elephant William Peters
Gertrude McFuzz Gwyn Burton
Mayzie LaBird Christine Fiala
The Sour Kangaroo Jennifer Clemens
The Young Kangaroo Anika Vukasinovich

The Wickersham Brothers
Kyle Bates
Joel Daniel
James Fields
Benjamin Green
Christian Johnson

Bird Girls
Cayla Destefani
Cecily Dowd
Anna Hlinomaz
Clare Kneblik
Callia Tellez
Rachel Woeste

The Mayor of Whoville David Emery
Mrs. Mayor Sarah Martin
The Grinch Joel Daniel
General Genghis Khan Schmitz John Neff

The Cadets
Collin Altick
Isaac Bement
John Butkus
Leo Deer
Noah Garel
Austin Greil
Ben Harshbarger
Micah Johnson
Bobby Klosterman
Grant Lenski
Ben Tipton
Zach Vogt-Lowell
Milan Vukasinovich
Nikoli Vukasinovich
Kaleb Wourms

Vlad Vladikoff Jeremy Cleary
Judge Yertle the Turtle Rollie Fisk

Collin Altick
Kyle Bates
Josie Baudendistel
Samantha Baudendistel
Isaac Bement
Joshua Bodey
Megan Braun
Madelyn Bryant
Hannah Bryant
Issac Bryant
Gwyn Burton
John Butkus
Sean Cheatwood
Jeremy Cleary
Jennifer Clemens
Elizabeth Cool-Leitzell
Reilly Corbett
Abby Coyle
Joel Daniel
Leo Deer
Abby Depp
Cayla Destefani
CJ Destefani
Austin Diehl
Erica Dilworth
Breanna Douglas
Cecily Dowd
Maria Duncan
Caroline Eifert
Lauren Eifert
Jacob Ely
David Emery
Christine Fiala
James Fields
Rachel Fisk
Rollie Fisk
Emma Flanagan
Noah Garel
Lily Garner
Austin Garrison
Jada George
Benjamin Green

Austin Greil
Tyler Hanson
Benjamin Harshbarger
Elizabeth Hayn
Jayden Hayn
Anna Hlinomaz
Aydrianne Hofschild
Caitlyn Hood
Rachael Horner
Mark Howard
Kaite Hubler
Allie Hubler
Diane Isom
Karah Jackson
Aliya Johnson
Christian Johnson
Micah Johnson
Bobby Klosterman
Clare Kneblik
Anna Knippling
Katie Kress
Grant Lenski
Sarah Martin
Dejah Moreland
John Neff
Chloe Parks
William Peters
Taylor Pickett
Chloe Rawlins
Brianna Russ
Amelia Shade
Ashley Shamp
Faith Simmons
Zoe Singleton
Ben Slauenwhite
Elizabeth Slauenwhite
Maggie Slauenwhite
Emma Slauenwhite
Ana Smith
Abbey Stamper
Eric Strange
Michelle Strauss
Callia Tellez
Natalie Theis
Allie Thiele
Ben Tipton
Zach Vogt-Lowell
Anika Vukasinovich
Nikoli Vukasinovich
Milan Vukasinovich
Lindsey Walker
Maggie Weckesser
Rachel Woeste
Mackenzie Wolcott
Greta Wolking
Kaleb Wourms
Malik Young

Erin August
D’Juliana Calzada
Jarred Chase
Donovan Christman
Caleb Dilsavor
Matthew Ferree
Julia Guzman
Pauline Humbert
Richard Impson
Baylee Johnson
Emily Kim
Julia Kim
Drew Martin
Arabella McDonald
Madeline Mobarry
Clara Mussin-Phillips
Mitchell Rawlins
John Newcomb
Erin Pennington
Cheyenne Rogers
Steven Seiler
Ryan Steward
Josh Strange
Clay Thomas
Dylan Turner
Corinne Wampler
Grant Wareham
Hannah Wyatt

John-Paul Hill-Spann
Gracie Jimison
Donovan Knight
Holly Laws
Bailey Lepley
Sarah Maddux
Tessa Shade
Phoebe Simmons
Jasmine Tribble
Alison Waker


Promotional artwork designed by Adam Koch.

This production was dedicated to Merle Wilberding.


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