“Three more minutes, two more seconds, ten more hours to go’’

Tonight At Eight

August 13, 1998 • Victoria Theatre - The second summer concert almost didn't happen because the creative team didn't realize that, after just one show, the concerts had become a thing. As the year rolled on, there were many questions about what the next concert would be and it became apparent that what was initially considered a byproduct of the first CD was now considered an annual event. To make quick work of the material, music director David Düsing assembled an eclectic collection of folk, musical theatre, spiritual and pop songs (many previously performed by his professional vocal group, the Düsing Singers). Choreography began to expand and the unexpected emotional diversity of the concert, from tearful moments to genuinely funny bits, would define Muse concerts to come. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, this was to become part one of a bigger project...


Music Director David Düsing
Choreographer Nat Horne
Producer Douglas Merk
Vocal Coaching Carol Chatfield

Kate Anderson
Jason Bayus
Gabe Beck
Andrew Blasenak
Dru Blumensheid
Lesa Boettcher
Jennifer Burdge
Allen Cochran
Kristin DeLuca
Nick Elder
Adam Feuer
Jen Focht
Kristen Frost
Amanda Fulk
Dawn Gallehue
Weldon Lee Gan
Angela Gaylor
Matthew Gotthard
Jennifer Hamilton
Josh Harmon
Josh Harris
Erin Hogan
Dawn Hollman
Elizabeth Humphrey
Adam Hundt
Michael Ingersoll
Caroline Jackson
Kate Jackson
Rob Jergens
Becky Joffe
Cami Johnson
Carey Kayser
Sam King
Zoe Klopf
Kate Lane
Sydney Lanier
Amy Lee
Stephanie Lytle
Ben Magnuson
Denise Mann
Tyler Maynard
Sara McCord
Adrienne McLemore
Aaron Meece
Zach Middleton
Melissa Miller
April Olt

Jill Paice
Rick Pearson
Chad Penix
Jason Penix
Laura Portune
Ian Rhodes
Jennifer Riazzi
Tory Ross
Melissa Russell
Ryan Scarlata
Amy Shoup
Michel Shoup
Rob Signom
Patrick Stafford
Ryan Stem
Jimmy Straley
Betsy Thompson
Joel Tobey
Grecia Vaughn
Tess Vella
Mary Walworth
Ryan Welsh
Becky Weprin
Erin Woeste
Erin York

Jason Bayus
Lesa Boettcher
Angela Gaylor
Josh Harris
Adam Hundt
Kate Jackson
Zoe Klopf
Jill Paice
Rick Pearson
Ian Rhodes
Jennifer Riazzi
Joel Tobey
Erin York

Anna Bartenstein
Christoher Barthauer
Rob Jergens
Julie McBride
Brian McKinney
Kate Minneman
Stephanie Reed
Josh Roderer
Will Smith
Adam White

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