Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost?

There is no participation fee for the musical. The program stays afloat on ticket sales and sponsorships. We know that participating families enjoy seeing the show and by purchasing tickets for multiple friends and family members (or encouraging those purchases), you can do your part to sustain the program. There may be other items/opportunities (show T-shirt, winter dance, etc) for the students to purchase if you and they choose to do so. The price you pay for these things generally covers the actual expense and does not bring income to Muse Machine. 

Where may students park?

Stratacache Tower (formerly Kettering Tower) has been remarkably kind to offer significantly discounted parking to musical participants. Find parking info here. 

Where do we drop off and pick up students?

Students may be dropped off in front of the Metropolitan Arts Center or on First St next to the Victoria Theatre. They should arrive 10 minutes prior to the rehearsal time listed on the schedule.  Students must sign in promptly. Any student arriving after the scheduled rehearsal time (without prior notification) will be considered tardy. Every effort will be made to release students at the scheduled time. If students are being picked up in front of the Metropolitan Arts Center, please remember that buses use the curb lane and cars are not permitted to wait along the curb for an extended time. Please stay in a single line of cars “orbiting” the building to pick up students.

Eating at rehearsal

Students may certainly bring snacks and beverages to eat/drink in the fourth floor hallway. On Saturdays, during lunch breaks, students may stay and eat lunch at the studio or leave and return. We will post a list of nearby lunch options.

What if students need to arrive late, leave early or miss rehearsal?

We do realize that there will be times when students will be late or need to miss a rehearsal altogether. However, excessive tardiness and absences will result in dismissal from the cast.  Efforts will be made to accommodate requests for absences (there may be NO conflicts during the Victoria Theatre rehearsals from January 5-16). These requests must be submitted (in writing via the website) to the Rehearsal Stage Manager.

How do I contact the creative team?

On the Backstage page at, you’re able to “Send a message to the musical creative staff”. This is an especially fast way to reach us. During rehearsals, the Rehearsal Stage Manager will receive those messages as you send them.

May students do homework at rehearsal?

Members of the cast will have time to do homework during some rehearsals (especially when we run full acts or the full show). Students must be aware of what specific scene is being rehearsed at a given moment, however. It is the students’ responsibility to be in the rehearsal studio for their cues.

May parents watch rehearsal?

In order to keep students focused on their characters, lines and movements, parents are not included in rehearsals.  Parents of very young performers may wait during rehearsals on the third floor.

Severe weather

If the weather becomes severe, an automated phone message will alert all participants to rehearsal decisions. The decision regarding cancellation will be made by two hours prior to each rehearsal. As a rule of thumb, if downtown Dayton reaches a “level 3 emergency”, rehearsal will be cancelled. Although cancelling rehearsals can pose a significant hardship for the production, we will not ask anyone to travel in unsafe driving conditions.

When may we buy tickets?

On November 19, families of cast, orchestra and PAs will be able to reserve tickets for any of the performances and also receive very special, one-time-only discounts. You will soon receive specific information regarding this presale. On November 22, tickets will go on sale to the general public.   

Will there be media coverage?

Press photos will be taken (in regional groupings). Watch for articles to run in your local papers in late November or early December. If we have advance notice of appearances on TV or other media, we will share that info via social media.

Will there be merchandise?

T-shirts may be pre-ordered (watch for the T-shirt link on the Backstage page, coming soon). Other Muse Machine merchandise may be available for purchase online.

Will there be a Winter Dance this year?

Info about the Winter Dance (held on December 18) will be available on the Backstage page beginning in November. 

How do we send flowers or gifts to students at performances?

If you would like to have gifts delivered to students during any of the performances, the first and last name of the student must be clearly written on the item.  Gifts can be given to a Victoria Theatre staff member stationed near the back right-hand side of the lobby, for delivery to the student. Only parents who have volunteered for specific duties (having provided proof of vaccination and wearing a mask and backstage pass) will be allowed backstage before, during or after performances. Please consider ordering flowers through the Parents’ Association (watch for the flower link on the Backstage page, coming in November).