In-School Performances

Announcing the 2021-22 In-School Performances!

Descriptions and details for in-school performances appear below. You’ll also see the button to schedule performances in your high school or middle school (form includes pricing information). We are excited to return for live performances and to help contribute to a sense of community at each of your schools through these shared experiences. Of course, artists will observe the COVID-19 procedures which may be in place at each school.

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Kick-Off Performance

Presented by Steve White & Wunmi

While there are practically unlimited opportunities to connect with each other—communicating with “friends” we may never have met via social media and technology—we are often judged, praised or analyzed with no physical interaction. Misinterpretations abound! Percussionist, performance artist and former member of global phenomenon The Blue Man Group, Steve White, teams up with performer/songwriter Wunmi (called “an African superhero of funk and fire”) to imagine a way of life without judgement, shaming or pride. Through music, visual art, poetry and student participation, Tangled Up In You is a dynamic program that encourages self-expression and confidence from within!

Available Dates: OCT 4-29, 2021

Curriculum Connections: Cultural Studies, Literature, Fine Arts: Music & Visual Art

Technical Requirements: TBA




Presented by Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare’s most celebratory plays. Full of love, laughter, poetry, pranks, clowns, capers and more music than just about any other show in the canon. This abridged adaptation will combine original text and songs with some decidedly modern touches, and of course, CSC’s trademark interactive style. We’ll bring the students right into the middle of the action, taking them on a music-filled, whirlwind tour of the wacky town of Illyria, and the even wackier characters who inhabit it.

Available Dates: OCT 25-NOV 5, 2021; APR 18-29, 2022

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, Literature, Fine Arts: Theatre & Music

Technical Requirements:
1. A cleared 20’ by 20’ well lit space
2. Two students to help load in and out
IMPORTANT: The performers will arrive 60 minutes prior to the program and will need access to the performance space on arrival.




Presented by Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

At the intersection of the Great Migration, the Depression and the Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance marks a moment in history that gave birth to a cultural explosion. This era embodied poetry and prose, visual art, jazz, theatre and dance. The Harlem Renaissance gave rise to African American artists like Langston Hughes, one of the earliest innovators of jazz poetry; musicians such as Duke Ellington; and modern artists including Jacob Lawrence. These collective voices influenced and shaped America’s social, artistic and cultural landscape.

Available Dates: Selected dates Oct through May (specific dates appear on form)

Curriculum Connections: Language Arts, History, Fine Arts: Dance & Music

Technical Requirements:
1. An open performance area of no less than 20’ wide by 20’ deep. If performing on a stage, wings need to be cleared of any obstacles.
2. Cleanly swept floors with no nails or protrusions as the performers are in bare feet
3. A small desk or table
4. Two chairs
5. A sound system with amplifier and full-range speakers capable of playing a compact disc (please inform Muse Machine if this system is unavailable)
6. Hand-held microphone
7. Bottled water for 3 dancers
8. Private area for dancers to change (restrooms are not adequate for changing)
IMPORTANT: The company will arrive 30 to 60 minutes prior to the program and will need access to the performance space on arrival.




Presented by filmmaker/performer David Sherman

From the creator of The Magic of Movies comes an all-new eye-popping experience you have to see to believe! Performer and filmmaker David Sherman is back in his most dazzling production that explores how we think, live and communicate in a visual world. From Snapchat filters to special effects, color theory to color blindness, how we see influences our interests and imaginations beyond what is visible to the human eye. Funny, fast-paced and full of student interaction, this multimedia event will give you a fresh look on the way we see the world.

Available Dates: JAN 24-FEB 4; FEB 28-MAR 11, 2022

Curriculum Connections: History, Science, Fine Arts: Theatre & Visual Arts

Technical RequirementsTBA




Presented by Dayton Opera

Soar through the world of opera as Dayton Opera’s Artists-in-Residence explore different ways to fly. Winged flight isn’t the only way to take off! Take a flight of fancy or follow a flight of musical notes. This brand-new program will allow students to explore flight through all types of music, including opera, art song and Broadway. Music has always transported the listener to new heights and Opera Takes Flight will be no exception!

Available Dates: FEB 7-25, 2022

Curriculum Connections: History, Science, Fine Arts: Theatre & Visual Arts

Technical Requirements:
1. A clean 20’ by 20’ performance area
2. A recently tuned piano and bench or a full-size, 88 key electronic keyboard on a stand with a chair
3. A microphone on a stand
4. Access to a nearby power outlet
5. Room temperature bottled water for five
6. A microphone for Q & A
IMPORTANT: The company will arrive 30-40 minutes prior to the program and will need access to the performance space on arrival.

Schedule 2021-22 In-School Performances



Reimagining in-school performances in 2020-21

For obvious reasons, the activities and services that Muse Machine provide during the 2020-21 school year will be quite different from other years.

Instead of in-school performances, we will offer free, virtual presentations from some of Muse’s community of artists. Whether they are near or far, big personalities and dynamic ideas can reach through screens to engage students.

Find the new virtual performances here!

Performance Space Survey

Advisors: You may have already been asked to respond to a very brief, multiple choice survey about the space where your in-school performances occur. If you have not already taken that survey, you may do so below. We are adding exciting elements to the in-school performances and this information will be tremendously helpful for our new shows – thank you!

The last question will direct you to a particular worksheet. This will be an interesting task for two reliable students with a sizable tape measure and they can complete it in approximately a class period. Use the links below to open and print the worksheet as suggested by your survey. After your students complete the worksheet, you (or they) may conveniently submit measurements below.